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World Cup - Mozambique eyes 2010 windfall.

News24 - 13/11/2007 11:31 - (SA) - Cape Town - Mozambique's proximity to South Africa and lower crime rate makes it a perfect staging ground for soccer teams and their fans during the 2010 World Cup, a senior Mozambican official said this week.
According to a report from Pemba, Deputy Minister of Tourism Rosario Mualeia said that his impoverished southern African nation hoped to lure to its shores at least 150 000 tourists, or about one third of those expected to visit host nation South Africa during the World Cup.
Mozambique, which is known for its pristine sandy beaches and quaint colonial cities, is also negotiating to host training and base camps for some of the teams that will qualify for the finals.
"We are near to South Africa and the crime rate in Mozambique is not as high as the host nation," Mualeia added.
"Many visiting fans would prefer to be in a quiet place and Mozambique has the environment for that."
The Mozambican government plans to spend at least R4-billion on hotels, casinos and other leisure facilities as part of an effort to capitalise on the expected tourism boom during the one-month South African showpiece.
The World Cup, which begins on June 11, 2010.
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