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Violência - Militares causam distúrbios em Pemba.

Soldiers cause disturbance in Pemba.

Agencia de Informação de Moçambique (Maputo) - November 15, 2005 Posted to the web November 15, 2005
Maputo - Soldiers stationed at the Naval Base in Pemba, capital of the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado, have been accused of acts of vandalism and violence in the city, with their superiors doing nothing to stop them, reports Tuesday's issue of the Maputo daily "Noticias".
The most recent of several incidents occurred during a hip-hop music show, promoted by a group of Pemba youths, where the soldiers forced their way in without tickets.
The organizer of the show, Danuni Anza, explained that the disturbance started when a group of six soldiers, three of them in uniform, demanded to be allowed into the show, but they had no tickets.
When they were refused, they started hitting and kicking people.
They eventually overpowered the organizers and got inside.
Once there, they demanded to be allowed onto the stage to sing, which they were also refused.
"Because of our resistance, the soldiers immediately attacked us, assaulting anyone they came across.
Many spectators lost belongings, including cash, mobile phones, and wallets", said Anza.
The youthful audience panicked.
"Many clambered over the wall", said Anza, "since there was such a crush at the door with so many people trying to get out at the same time".
Outside, the soldiers continued to assault the fleeing spectators, including children and even pregnant women.
Anza estimated the losses at about 15 million meticais (600 US dollars) in cash not collected and in damaged equipment.
The local police said that one of the attackers, identified by the name of Stety Joaquim, has been arrested, and another is receiving treatment for injuries in a local health unit.
"All of them, including the one who has been arrested, the one in hospital, and those who are still at large, are to answer for their acts", said the head of the public relations department at the provincial police command, Francisco Diomba.
Some Pemba residents say that this is not the first time that soldiers from the Naval Base have been involved in disturbances.
They recall another incident, where the soldiers went to a local cinema, forced their entry, closed the doors and started assaulting the people inside.
In yet another incident, they climbed onto the stage during a show and physically attacked a singer, Carlos de Lima, who had come from Beira, for a number of shows in Pemba.
"We can see that nobody cares to bring order to that barracks.
The soldiers do as they please and nothing happens to them. Maybe we will have to resort to our own protection.
We will hunt them down in the suburbs, and then we hope you will not be surprised", warned one of the paper's sources.
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All efforts to hear the version of the officer in charge of the Naval Base were fruitless. Not only did he refuse to identify himself, but he declined to answer any question put by reporters.
"I cannot say anything to the media without an authorization from my superiors in Maputo.
Go and talk to the police", he said.

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