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PEMBA is the gateway to an exclusive new adventure destination...

Mozambique Adventure
Jul 26, 07 10:01 am
With its remote, tropical appeal, marzipan-white beaches, inland mountains, and off-shore islands that make up an archipelago of natural beauty, Pemba in northern Mozambique is the gateway to an exclusive new adventure destination.
Now serviced twice weekly from Johannesburg by Airlink, this undiscovered part of Africa has been opened up to travel, romance, adventure or simply switching off.At the gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelago, the modern traveler can get marooned in style in exclusive resorts, including Ibo Island, Matemo Island, Medjumbe Island, Quilalea Island, Vamizi Island and Londo Lodge.
Airlink flies the Pemba route on Tuesdays and Saturdays (with two return flights on Saturday). Visit Mozambique to build hotels nationwide
Mozambique’s tourism ministry is launching a $55 million national project for the construction of quality hotels in all regions of the country, said Tourism Minister Fernando Sumbana. The project, dubbed Capulana, will be financed from the National Tourism Fund and is aimed to develop tourism in areas of the country where there is little of no quality accommodation. Medium-sized hotels will be built with power and water supply systems to ensure quality and efficiency of service, Sumbana said. Mozambique’s tourism ministry says the hotel-building scheme comes at an unprecedented “boom” time for the industry. (macauhub)
Investment in infrastructure behind the current tourism boomTourism Minister Fernando Sumbana says the massive investment made by the government in infrastructure, notably roads, is behind the current boom of tourism in Mozambique. Sumbana says that in 2006 alone, the government invested some 80 million dollars on infrastructures.
According to the Minister, the sector currently employs over 30,000 people following investment projects along the country’s 2,600km Indian Ocean coastline endowed with magnificent beaches and islands. Developments have also been taking place inland. (cpi)Government provides $54 million to rehabilitate national parks The Mozambican government is to provide US$ 54 million to upgrade the country’s national parks and safeguard the wildlife in the reserves, an official has said.
Albino Mahumana, General Director of local tourism, said that although the government is still seeking financial backers for the scheme, the funds will solely be provided by the Mozambican state and the five-year project is expected to begin by the end of the year.
Maputo’s goal is to rehabilitate the country’s various national parks to restore the wildlife balance in the reserves.
“It is also hoped that Mozambique will develop its status as an African safari destination,” added Mahumana. (allafrica)
One-stop border post workshop for Lebombo-Ressano GarciaThe Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI) was well represented at the July 19 one-stop border post (OSBP) workshop in Maputo, with over 20 members from both SA and Mozambique - representing the road, port, rail, terminals, agents, shipping lines, transporters, financial institutions, information technology and cargo owners - participating.
The objective of the workshop – funded by DFID - was to facilitate a common understanding of the notion of the one stop border post and to consult stakeholders on the roadmap for the proposed OSBP at Lebombo-Ressano Garcia.
Said MCLI CEO, Brenda Horne: “This is a matter of real urgency considering that we have experienced an 80% increase in passenger volumes since the abolition of visa requirement in our two countries in April 2005.”
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